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A gathering of 3rd party tools, calculators, spreadsheets, websites, and anything else that may be handy to players, created by other players.

Name Link Description Last-known-good
DSP Wiki Calculator https://calc.dsp-wiki.com/ Calculator for planning production chains. Not quite finished. Closed on 11/18/2021
FactorioLab DSP Calc https://factoriolab.github.io/list#s=dsp Calculator for planning production chains. February 5, 2022
Temporary DSP Calculator https://shadowtheage.github.io/factorio-lab/list A Temporary calc based on Factoriolab April 7, 2021
Dyson-Calculator https://dyson-calculator.com/ Production Planner (Calculator) as well as a catalog of sorts April 7, 2021
DSP Progress Tracker DSP Build Tracker and Item List.xlsx An Excel sheet the lets you track your progress and if you have required items in transport systems n/a (wiki)
CentreBrain Recipe Archive https://gamma-delta.github.io/center-brain-archive/# Show what produces or consumes an item. April 7, 2021