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DSP Wiki is a player-run, player-organized wiki dedicated to the video game "Dyson Sphere Program". DSP Wiki is not affiliated with or endorsed by the game's creators, Youthcat Studio, or its publisher, Gamera Game.

DSP Wiki is privately hosted on a multi-project server. Those other projects cover the server costs, and thus DSP Wiki will remain advertisement-free for the foreseeable future. Privately hosting DSP Wiki, as opposed to using a free service such as Fandom, permits us to keep the software up to date, and maintain full control over features.

There are many changes still to come for the Wiki, such as setting up Categories for articles, a new custom Skin (color theme / layout), and tackling a couple of remaining bugs. Look forward to these changes and more in the coming weeks. That is, unless the game is released early and all of our time goes to playing it instead!

If you have any other questions about the Wiki, please do not hesitate to contact the administrator, Rayanth.