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DSP Wiki is a big effort, and editing in MediaWiki can be pretty daunting at times. You may need to reach out to the admins for any number of reasons, including:

  • Issues with your user account
  • Report evidence of trolling on the wiki
  • Report an issue with a page, or the web server itself
  • Request help with a difficult edit
  • Request help editing a Protected Page
  • Offer to join the team as a Curator or Admin
  • etc.

Contacting Admins

All of the admins are members of the DSP-Wiki Discord Discord-Logo.png and can be reached there.

The #ask-an-admin channel in the DSP-Wiki Discord is generally the preferred method for contact, as it allows any admin to respond and you'll get the help sooner.

In addition, some admins have chosen to provide alternate contact methods in the section below.

Current Admins

The current list of Administrators and Curators, and how best to contact them, is:

Administrator User Page Best Contact Alternate Contact Specialties
Rayanth Rayanth Discord: Rayanth#3954 rayanth at gmail dot com[1] DSP-Wiki Owner / Server Admin
Antt1995 Antt1995 Discord: Antt1995#6964 antt1995 at antts dot xyz Wiki Admin
DOSFox n/a n/a n/a Ninja
Gauss Gauss Discord: Gauss#8009 gaussianstorm at gmail dot com General purpose scripting and automation

(See also the autogenerated Administrators List)

  1. Rayanth would like to note that he is utterly terrible at checking his email, so it's probably not the best contact method for him.

Applying to be an Admin

Being an Admin on any Wiki is a great experience, and also a fair amount of responsibility. As an Admin, you would have the authority to revert changes, delete pages, ban problematic users, and help steer the direction of the wiki as a whole.

Admins are not paid for their work and dedication, except in heaps of gratitude - it is strictly a voluntary role, and can be cancelled at any time by either party.

The DSP-Wiki team is occasionally looking to add new Admins to the team to help us grow and ensure the wiki is always moving forward, rather than stuck in the past. When we are recruiting, we will post a banner at the top of every 'Main Namespace' page to announce that recruitment effort, and it should point to this page for more information. If that is how you got here, then thanks for the interest!

Here is what you need to know:

Submitting the Application

First off, we will only accept applications when we are actively recruiting for Admins. This is determined by checking the wiki's home page - if there is a banner indicating recruitment is active, then you may apply.

Next, read each of the subsections in "Admin Expectations, Roles, and Responsibilities" below. If you understand these expectations and believe that you can fulfill them, then you are welcome to apply!

At this time, to apply for a DSP-Wiki Admin position, please send Rayanth (Rayanth#3954) a Private Message in Discord, indicating your interest. He will get back to you as soon as he is able. In the future, the DSP-Wiki bot in the DSP-Wiki Discord will have a command for this purpose.

Admin Expectations, Roles, and Responsibilities

Knowledge & Interests

Because of the responsibility and trust placed upon an individual who has been granted Admin rights, a certain scope of pre-existing knowledge and interests is expected:

  • Willingness to both accept and provide constructive feedback
  • Familiarity with the most common scenarios in Wiki Markup - tables, styles, headings, basic HTML, etc.
    • Note: Intimate knowledge or expertise is not required. Not everyone has the same background, and that's fine.
  • Willingness, ability and patience to teach or guide others, regardless of their experience level (particularly, for wiki markup assistance to new editors)
  • Ability to maintain a positive attitude and put the interests of the Wiki above personal preference
  • Ability to dedicate, at a minimum, 15-30 minutes per day on most days to DSP-Wiki-related tasks. (This is a ballpark figure and exceptions can be negotiated)

Roles & Responsibilities

The following is not an exhaustive list of Roles & Responsibilities (R&R's) but encompasses the core R&R's that are of concern to us. By applying to become an Admin, you acknowledge these R&R's and claim that you are able to uphold and perform them.

  • Watch for changes in the game and/or game's meta that may warrant updates to the wiki, e.g.:
    • New patches / patch notes
    • New guides or discussions that would be useful information to capture on the wiki
    • Information from the developers, via dev-blogs or interviews, that should be in the wiki
  • Coordinate large-scale changes with other editors or admins
  • Watch the Wiki's changelog for signs of vandalism, 'edit-wars', or an editor that needs help
  • Roll-back, delete, merge pages based on various criteria (vandalism, duplication, poor quality, author request, etc.)
  • Temporarily ban trolls, vandals, or repeat-offenders who aren't following wiki guidelines
    • Permanent bans should only be performed by the Owner or in careful coordination with them.
  • Offer new ideas, suggestions for improvement, or advice to the Wiki Owner regarding the direction of the wiki, new features/Extensions desired, etc.
  • Assist in testing new features, extensions, skin changes, etc.
  • Report bugs and other issues to the Owner and/or Admins capable of fixing them, such as:
    • CSS Issues in the wiki's skin
    • Extensions not working properly
    • The wiki itself not working properly

Permissions & Rights

The permissions granted to a Wiki Admin may differ from admin to admin, and may change over time. All wiki-related permissions can be seen on Special:ListGroupRights in the "Administrators" section. In addition to those wiki-related permissions and depending upon their expertise, some Admins may be granted:

  • Interface Admin rights, allowing editing of wiki-wide CSS, JS and Templates
  • Limited Wiki-Server Shell access, to assist with maintenance tasks and/or development of Extensions and Skins
  • Admin rights on DSP-Wiki Discord, for moderation purposes
  • Access to the "Test" DSP-Wiki, to try out changes that may have a large-scale effect, without breaking the "Real" one.