Full Accumulator

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Full Accumulator
Power Storage, Fuel
The accumulator in the fully charged state. Wen the power is insufficient, can be constructed as a facility to automatically discharge, or it can be placed in an energy exchanger to release electrical energy.
Icon Full Accumulator.png
Fuel TypeStorage
Energy270.0 MJ
Fuel Chamber Gen.+100%
Input Power900 kW
Output Power900 kW
Made InEnergy Exchanger
Grid Size3×3
Stack Size50


A Full Accumulator is the result of placing an Accumulator in an Energy Exchanger in Charge mode, and turn into empty one again when placing them into an Energy Exchanger set to Discharge mode. This allows to transport power between planets.

It can also be obtained by manually placing Accumulators in the ground and taking them once they are fully charged. While it's less practical, it can be the only way to take them to new planets or make Orbital Collectors when no Energy Exchanger is avaliable.

Production Chain

Recipe Building Replicator? Technology
Icon Full Accumulator.png
2 s
Icon Accumulator.png
Icon Energy Exchanger.png
Tech Interstellar Power Transmission.png

Used In

Recipe Building Replicator? Technology
Icon Orbital Collector.png
30 s
Icon Interstellar Logistics Station.png
Icon Super-Magnetic Ring.png
Icon Reinforced Thruster.png
Icon Full Accumulator.png
Icon Assembling Machine Mk.I.pngIcon Assembling Machine Mk.II.pngIcon Assembling Machine Mk.III.png
Tech Gas Giants Exploitation.png

Player Tips & Tricks

  • It could be useful to take some to new planets to help with the starting setup. Since it's always recommended to set some Accumulators in every power grid anyway, setting them full into a new grid it's even more recommended.
  • Despite not showing in the building tab, a Full Accumulator can be placed as a structure by taking it from the inventory.
  • When used as fuel for the Mecha you do NOT get the empty Accumulator back. It is consumed and lost.