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There are a large number of items in DSP, that fall into two primary categories: Components, and Buildings.


This category contains items that are primarily used in other recipes, but also contains some outliers such as Logistics Vessels, and the various fuel types

Icon Iron Ore.png
Icon Copper Ore.png
Icon Stone.png
Icon Coal.png
Icon Silicon Ore.png
Icon Titanium Ore.png
Icon Water.png
Icon Crude Oil.png
Icon Hydrogen.png
Icon Deuterium.png
Icon Antimatter.png
Icon Kimberlite Ore.png
Icon Iron Ingot.png
Icon Copper Ingot.png
Icon Stone Brick.png
Icon Energetic Graphite.png
Icon High-Purity Silicon.png
Icon Titanium Ingot.png
Icon Sulfuric Acid.png
Icon Refined Oil.png
Icon Hydrogen Fuel Rod.png
Icon Deuteron Fuel Rod.png
Icon Antimatter Fuel Rod.png
Icon Fractal Silicon.png
Icon Magnet.png
Icon Magnetic Coil.png
Icon Glass.png
Icon Diamond.png
Icon Crystal Silicon.png
Icon Titanium Alloy.png
Icon Fire Ice.png
Icon Plastic.png
Icon Organic Crystal.png
Icon Graphene.png
Icon Annihilation Constraint Sphere.png
Icon Optical Grating Crystal.png
Icon Steel.png
Icon Circuit Board.png
Icon Prism.png
Icon Electric Motor.png
Icon Microcrystalline Component.png
Icon Proliferator Mk.I.png
Icon Casimir Crystal.png
Icon Strange Matter.png
Icon Titanium Crystal.png
Icon Carbon Nanotube.png
Icon Particle Broadband.png
Icon Spiniform Stalagmite Crystal.png
Icon Gear.png
Icon Plasma Exciter.png
Icon Photon Combiner.png
Icon Electromagnetic Turbine.png
Icon Processor.png
Icon Proliferator Mk.II.png
Icon Thruster.png
Icon Reinforced Thruster.png
Icon Logistics Bot.png
Icon Logistics Drone.png
Icon Logistics Vessel.png
Icon Unipolar Magnet.png
Icon Foundation.png
Icon Critical Photon.png
Icon Particle Container.png
Icon Super-Magnetic Ring.png
Icon Graviton Lens.png
Icon Proliferator Mk.III.png
Icon Blank.png
Icon Space Warper.png
Icon Titanium Glass.png
Icon Plane Filter.png
Icon Quantum Chip.png
Icon Log.png
Icon Electromagnetic Matrix.png
Icon Energy Matrix.png
Icon Structure Matrix.png
Icon Information Matrix.png
Icon Gravity Matrix.png
Icon Universe Matrix.png
Icon Blank.png
Icon Solar Sail.png
Icon Frame Material.png
Icon Dyson Sphere Component.png
Icon Small Carrier Rocket.png
Icon Plant Fuel.png


Buildings are all objects that can be directly placed on land in the game world, including for Logistics, Manufacturing, Resource Extraction and Energy Creation.

Icon Tesla Tower.png
Icon Wireless Power Tower.png
Icon Satellite Substation.png
Icon Wind Turbine.png
Icon Thermal Power Plant.png
Icon Solar Panel.png
Icon Geothermal Power Station.png
Icon Mini Fusion Power Plant.png
Icon Energy Exchanger.png
Icon Ray Receiver.png
Icon Artificial Star.png
Icon Blank.png
Icon Conveyor Belt Mk.I.png
Icon Conveyor Belt Mk.II.png
Icon Conveyor Belt Mk.III.png
Icon Splitter.png
Icon Automatic Piler.png
Icon Storage Mk.I.png
Icon Storage Mk.II.png
Icon Storage Tank.png
Icon Logistics Distributor.png
Icon Planetary Logistics Station.png
Icon Interstellar Logistics Station.png
Icon Orbital Collector.png
Icon Sorter Mk.I.png
Icon Sorter Mk.II.png
Icon Sorter Mk.III.png
Icon Traffic Monitor.png
Icon Mining Machine.png
Icon Advanced Mining Machine.png
Icon Water Pump.png
Icon Oil Extractor.png
Icon Oil Refinery.png
Icon Miniature Particle Collider.png
Icon EM-Rail Ejector.png
Icon Vertical Launching Silo.png
Icon Assembling Machine Mk.I.png
Icon Assembling Machine Mk.II.png
Icon Assembling Machine Mk.III.png
Icon Arc Smelter.png
Icon Plane Smelter.png
Icon Matrix Lab.png
Icon Spray Coater.png
Icon Fractionator.png
Icon Chemical Plant.png
Icon Quantum Chemical Plant.png
Icon Accumulator.png
Icon Full Accumulator.png

Components Quick Reference Sheet

Below is a quick reference sheet that displays all of the component recipes according to their "per minute" production values. Recipes are grouped by production building. Created by Reddit user u/oldshavingfoam (original post).

Recipe Quick Reference.jpg

Building Quick Reference Sheet

Below is a quick reference sheet that displays all of the building recipes, along with their power consumption/production values. Created by Reddit user u/oldshavingfoam (original post).

Building Quick Reference.jpg

Production graph

Production graph

Full version is available here