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The current list below shows all keybindings, the default key/mouse button and the OverrideKeysId from the options.xml file inside your folder.

Function Key OverrideKeyId
Camera rotation Middle mouse button Drag 48 (only mouse buttons)
Camera rolling Right mouse button Drag 49 (only mouse buttons)
Camera zoom in Mouse wheel scroll up 50 (only mouse buttons)
Camera zoom out Mouse wheel scroll down 51 (only mouse buttons)
Move forward W 1
Move back A 2
Move left S 3
Move right D 4
Move to target Right mouse button 5 (only mouse buttons)
Gathering Right mouse button 7 (only mouse buttons)
Give multiple commands Shift 6
Jump Space -
Take off Double click Space -
Flying up Space 10
Flying up 11
Flying up Keypad 5 12
Flying down Alt 13
Flying down 14
Flying down Keypad 8 15
Sail fly left Q 16
Sail fly left 17
Sail fly left Keypad 4 18
Sail fly right R 19
Sail fly right 20
Sail fly right Keypad 6 21
Sailing mode acceleration Shift 22
Sailing mode unlock/lock cursor Tab 23
Activate warp CapsLock 24
Confirm build Left mouse button 25 (only mouse buttons)
Confirm build Enter 26
Confirm build Keypad Enter 27
Copy selected building Shift + Left mouse button 28
Open building panel Left mouse button 29 (only mouse buttons)
Copy Recipe < 30
Paste Recipe > 31
Close Panel E -
Close Panel Escape -
Open Inventory E -
Open Replicator F 35
Open Mecha panel C 36
Open Guidebook G 37
Open Statistics panel P 38
Open Technology tree T 39
Open Details display H 40
Turn On/Turn Off the night lights L 41
Open Planet view M 42
Lock the camera to the North Pole N 43
Open Starmap V 44
Straighten view in the Starmap N 45
Open Dyson sphere Y 46
Open Game Menu Escape -
Enter Construction Mode B 52
Enter Demolition Mode X 53
Enter Upgrade Mode U 81
Chain Dismantle/Upgrade Shift 82
God Construction Mode mech move Shift 54
Rotate the building clockwise R 55
Rotate the building clockwise 56
Rotate the building anticlockwise 57
Switch Splitter pattern Tab 58
Expand foundation cursor + 59
Shrink foundation cursor - 60
Mining machine ignores grid snapping Shift 61
Conveyor nelts don't snap the building Shift 62
Lift Conveyor belts target height one level 63
Drop down conveyor belts target height one level 64
Reset the Conveyor belts construction target height Keypad 0 65
Switch Conveyor belts path R 66
Switch Conveyor belts path 67
Switch right Sorter settings Tab 68
Switch right Sorter settings 69
Switch left Sorter settings 70
Take items Left mouse button -
Split items Right mouse button Drag -
Take multiple items of the same type Shift + Left mouse button -
Take all items of the same type Ctrl + Left mouse button -
Take any number items of the same type Ctrl + Right mouse button Drag -
Put the item back Right mouse button -
Transfer a group of items Shift + Left mouse button -
Transfer all items Ctrl + Left mouse button -
Hide UI F11 (a second time will hide Mecha, a third time will reset) 79
Display FPS Shift + F12 80