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Below you will find a list of player-submitted optimized layouts for solving different portions of the production pipeline in DSP. If you have a layout you'd like to submit, go ahead and add it!

Falk's Guide

Discord/Steam user Falk has created a guide on Steam with several great layouts:


The Conveyor Belt Mk.I can carry 6 items per second or 360 items per minute. A Mining Machine that is covering exactly 6 veins will produce 180 items per second. Combining the belts from two mining machines will fully saturate a Conveyor Belt Mk.I with a full 360 items per minute. Note: Mining machines can cover the same resource veins, as shown in the picture below.

Two Mining Machines Fully Saturate a Belt

Energy Matrix

by Reddit user u/oldshavingfoam

Fully-balanced layout for Energy Matrix production.


by Reddit user u/oldshavingfoam

Deuterium production using Fractionators that is more efficient than the Miniature Particle Collider recipe.


by Reddit user u/oldshavingfoam

Extendable layout that produces all three types of motors.