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Below you will find a list of player-submitted optimized layouts for solving different portions of the production pipeline in DSP. If you have a layout you'd like to submit, go ahead and add it!

Production Line Spreadsheet

This Google Sheet (currently incomplete) helps you plan the structures and ratios necessary to produce various elements in the game. To use, select "Make a copy" from the file menu after opening.

Production Line Spreadsheet

Falk's Guide

Discord/Steam user Falk has created a guide on Steam with several great layouts:


The Conveyor Belt Mk.I can carry 6 items per second or 360 items per minute. A Mining Machine that is covering exactly 6 veins will produce 180 items per second. Combining the belts from two mining machines will fully saturate a Conveyor Belt Mk.I with a full 360 items per minute. Note: Mining machines can cover the same resource veins, as shown in the picture below.

Two Mining Machines Fully Saturate a Belt

Energy Matrix

by Reddit user u/oldshavingfoam

Fully-balanced layout for Energy Matrix production.


by Reddit user u/oldshavingfoam

Deuterium production using Fractionators that is more efficient than the Miniature Particle Collider recipe.


by Reddit user u/oldshavingfoam

Extendable layout that produces all three types of motors.