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Currently, Dyson Sphere Program does not officially support modding, but implementing proper modding support is on the developers' road map. Players have, nevertheless, begun using third party modding tools to apply mods to the game, and the wiki is happy to provide a resource for them to share what they have learned.

The following rules MUST be adhered to when publishing modding information in this Wiki.
  • DO NOT upload any original game assets that are not released in the game itself
  • DO NOT share any original game source code obtained by decompiling (aside from function names)
  • Please keep all modding related information in the Modding namespace - prefix pages with Modding:

Developer Console

Developer Console - Can be used for rapid testing of Mods.

Modding Articles

Articles written about Modding may be listed below:


Used in Mods

External Modding Resources

GitHub Repositories

Runtime Patching

  • Harmony Wiki How to use Harmony, the patching framework provided by BepInEx and many other modloaders.
  • HarmonyX Wiki Documents the changes and additions made to Harmony when using BepInEx.
  • MonoMod Github Alternative to HarmonyX also provided by BepInEx.