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DSP Wiki will keep the patch notes for the most recent major patch and any minor patches that follow listed on this page. Looking for older ones? Head over to Patch Notes Archive!

Patch Notes/ Patch Notes/

Early Access Patch Version: - June 10th, 2022

Good evening engineers! The update is coming as promised!

This update covers the [Minimal Resource Multiplier] (regarded as an [extremely difficult mode]) and the [Sandbox mode]. Whether you are a workaholic engineer or ready to create a scene in the Dyson sphere universe, both can find new ways to work and play!

We will continue to refine and polish the two new modes launched today, as well as experiment with the recipe (see "balance" section). We are looking forward to hear you from Discord and Google Form.


  • New Planet: [Savanna] A temperate planet and its vegetation is added. (Only available in New Game)
  • New Planet: [Pandora Swamp] A temperate planet and its vegetation is added. (Only available in New Game)
  • New Planet: [Crystal Desert] A desert planet and its special terrain is added. Rare Grating Stone is featured on this planet. (Only available in New Game)
  • New Planet: [Frozen Tundra] A frozen planet and its special terrain is added. (Only available in New Game)
  • Added 2 new subtypes of [Ice Field Gelisol] planets. (Available in existing savedata)
  • One-key Solar Sail Deletion: You can delete all solar sails in a planetary system, or all solar sails in the orbit of a selected Dyson swarm with one click.
  • Added a new technology [Reformation Refining] which follows the [X-ray Cracking]. This technology will unlock the reforming refining formula for refined oil production
  • Added [Dithering] effect switch in the screen settings.

Sandbox Mode

  • Added [Minimal Resource Multiplier] : 10% resource multiplier on initial planet, and 7% basic resource multiplier on other planets. The bonus of galaxy remoteness on mineral quantity are also reduced.
  • Added [Sandbox Mode]. This mode can be selected in the 'New Game' and create savedata for Sandbox Mode. You can also load an existing savedata in the Sandbox mode to continue the gameplay progress under it.
  • (Sandbox mode) Fast Travel: Icarus is able to fast move on planets and among planets.
  • Technology Group Unlock: You can unlock most of the technology at once in Tech Tree.
  • Instant technology unlock: All technologies can be unlocked directly in Sandbox Mode.
  • Directly generation/removal of cargos by Traffic Monitor: You can set the Traffic Monitor and produce/consume the specified items at the corresponding speed.
  • Item acquisition: You can directly obtain the items you want by enable this function in Replicator.
  • Common item acquisition: You can get one stack of each types of frequently used item in Replicator.
  • One-key inventory empty function: You can clean up all items in the backpack with one key.
  • Logistic Station Item Count Lock: You can lock specific item in the logistics station to a fixed amount.
  • Mineral Customization Tool: You can directly generate and customize the type, location and reserves of minerals on the planet.
  • Vegetation Planting Tool: You can plant vegetation freely on the surface of the planet.
  • Surface Removal Tool: You can remove minerals or vegetation on the surface of the planet.
  • Mecha Core Energy Lock: You can enable this function to keep Icarus' core full of energy!
  • Fast Construction: You can modify the construction speed faster, even instant construction.
  • Infinite Sand: Enable this function to enjoy unlimited sand storage!
  • One-key Foundation Reformation: You can press a single button to lay a foundation on the surface of the whole planet while clearing all vegetation.
  • One-key Terrain Restoration: You can press a button to restore the current planet's terrain and vegetation to its initial state.
  • Biubiubiubiu: You can set the launch speed of the EM-Rail Ejector and Vertical Launching Silo to ten times the normal mode.
  • POOOWWER: You can set the power generation of the Artificial Star to one hundred times the normal mode.
  • Dyson Sphere Fast Construction: This function allows you to automatically and quickly build the planned Dyson swarm or Dyson shell.
  • Dyson Swarm Manual Construction: Let Icarus hold the solar sail item in space, and left click any blank in space to manually launch the solar sail. Shoot me for Victory -- Icarus."


  • The font of the numbers in the planetary/stellar information panel has been changed to equal-width font.
  • Now you can use the right click to split items: (i) Press [ 0 ] ~ [ 9 ] [ ← ] to input the quantity directly; (ii) Hold [ SHIFT ] to split by the number of items stacked; (iii) [ + ] / [ - ] increase / decrease the number of items by 1 stack; (iv) Move the mouse vertically away from the pull bar to achieve a finer quantitative split.
  • Optimize the memory usage of Solar Sail. Added the function of manually optimizing the memory usage of Solar Sail.


  • Reduce the number of [Super-magnetic Ring] required for manufacturing [Miniature Particle Collider]: 50 -> 25
  • The CentreBrain thought that the mining rate of Spiniform Stalagmite Crystal vein was too low and decided to increase the amount of Spiniform Stalagmite Crystals significantly: The demand for Spiniform Stalagmite Crystal in the Carbon Nanotube (Advanced) formula 2 -> 6, while the amount of product and manufacturing time remain same.
  • The CentreBrain thought that the mining rate of Optical Grating Crystal vein was too low and decided to increase the amount of Optical Grating Crystals significantly: The demand for Optical Grating Crystal in the Casimir Crystal (advanced) formula 4 -> 8, while the amount of product and manufacturing time remain same.

(The above value adjustment is for the consideration of game balance and challenge. The game is still under EA, and the values will be further balanced to meet the new features and better gameplay experiences. Sorry for any inconvenience caused to your current game progress!)


  • Fixed the bug that when choosing forced build when pasting blueprints, trying to match the sorter connection might report an error.
  • Fixed the bug that solar sail vapors sometimes appear inside neutron stars.
  • Fixed a bug where the sorter logic determinism was not working: when Icarus was or was not on the local planet, the logic of the sorter's operation would produce inconsistencies, which in turn led to a series of chain reactions such as a drop in yield.

Early Access Patch Version: - May 12th, 2022

Hello Engineers!

We are back from our holidays! The metadata system has been enhanced this time, as well as some improved hint mechanisms. Getting right to the point, let's take a look at the content:


  • The [Metaverse] in the metadata can now realize into other five super matrix.. matrix.
  • New construction hint: With pre-built mining machines, the number of minerals covered and the estimated mining speed will be displayed.
  • Added anomaly detection and hints for "previous exit" savedata. If a crash occurs, this hint can help you find the most recent and relevant autosave.


  • Reduced the size of the model and collision of the Piler. Now you can build Pilers closer to each other.


  • Fixed a Splitter bug where the filter settings were not correctly reset after deleting an exit conveyor with filter settings.
  • Fixed a bug in the Logistics Station where it would force the delivery of other demanded items when the Logistic Drone mission were changed, due to the supply and demand settings, regardless of whether the item was currently fully stocked or not.
  • Fixed a bug in the Milkyway where the power generation amount of Dyson Sphere may be displayed incorrectly after a second refresh.

Early Access Patch Version: - April 29th, 2022


  • Optimized the logic for generating Dyson Sphere blueprint.


  • Fixed the bug where, due to the rendering order of Dyson sphere coloring grid, the atmosphere could not cover the Dyson sphere.
  • Fixed the bug where the blueprint information interface could not be filled in when the backpack items were changed.

Early Access Patch Version: - April 24th, 2022

Hi Engineers, Seriously, we just patched a patch to patch for the last patch...


  • Fixed the bug that using blueprints before version may cause a crash if the blueprint contains vertically stacked buildings.

Early Access Patch Version: - April 22nd, 2022

Hello Engineers!

We noticed some bugs that affected gameplay experience, so we pushed out urgent fixes.

As we continue to monitor yesterday's update, please leave comments or join the community to share your thoughts!


  • Fixed the bug of abnormal power consumption of Advanced Mining Machine.
  • Fixed the bug that the Dyson frame coloring scheme could not be saved properly.

Early Access Patch Version: - April 21st, 2022

Hi Engineers!

\The Patch has arrived on time!/

A special asset called [metadata] is the main content in this update. It can be used across all save files with different [cluster addresses] to buyout (quickly unlock) the matrix technology for the corresponding save file. We would like to explain the basic information about this special asset in a quick #metadata-faq


  • The Dyson Shell and Dyson Swarm can now be colored. Added coloring function for Dyson Shell & Dyson Swarm.
  • New asset: [Metadata]. Metadata can be obtained by mass-producing Matrices. In the current version, it is used for technology instant unlocking (buyout). Once the Metadata is obtained in one game, it can be counted and used in another game across cluster seeds.
  • Added an operation of quick transferring items. It can be applied to all kinds of buildings. You can hold [CTRL] and click the building to fill/take items, or press [Tab]/[`~] when the building panel is open.
  • Added pop-up briefing panels for buildings. This feature has been applied to all buildings. Hovering the mouse over a building will show the current status of the building.
  • New function in Blueprint Paste Mode: Press the [Tab] key to toggle the mouse anchor position.
  • New function in Blueprint Paste Mode: When the blueprint indicates that it is not buildable, press [Shift+Enter] to force plan the buildable part.
  • New function in Blueprint Paste Mode: In Blueprint Paste Mode, the memo icon marked on the conveyor belt when making blueprints will be displayed.
  • Added 3 new Dyson shell pattern styles.
  • Added 2 new background music scores for Ice Field Gelisol planets, Gobi planets, and other desert planets.
  • 15 new icicle models and ice decorations for Ice Field Gelisol planets. This content is visible in the new game or old savedata if the Ice Field Gelisol planet has been found yet.
  • The research queue now shows a detailed description of technology when hovering over the technology icon.
  • Tutorials added: added more tips and guidelines for the construction process of Sorters, Conveyor Belts, Matrix Labs, and Planetary Logistics Stations.
  • Added button prompts to the interface for upgrade and delete functions.


  • The shortage of buildings and facilities will be shown in red in the Blueprint Browser if you do not have enough buildings and facilities in your inventory to restore the Blueprint.
  • A change to the foundation style selection UI: when a player clicks on a foundation that is undecorated, the foundation texture style next to it will not be reset.
  • The Orbital Collector panel will display the speed of resource collection; The Gas Giant's base output rate will be displayed to 4 decimal places.
  • Optimized the emission effect of lava rubbles on Lava planets.


  • When Water Pumps and Oil Extractors output exceeds the maximum capacity of Conveyor Belt MK.III, the new output will be automatically piled.
  • When product buildup exceeds 60% of the capacity, Mining Machines (2 types), Water Pumps and Oil Extractors will gradually reduce the yield to reduce the overall power consumption.


  • Fixed a bug where when building Advanced Mining Machines, the collision volume of other Advanced Mining Machines may not be detected and resulting in overlapping builds.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause an error message when applying a copied recipe to an Advanced Mining Machine pre-build vanity.
  • Fixed a bug where an SSAO effect was displayed incorrectly when sailing near Dyson Shell.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause abnormal Proliferate Points when dismantling Fractionators.
  • Fixed a bug in Blueprint Paste Mode, where blueprints that cross the tropic line would automatically snap when crossing the equator, causing the build grid to fail to match.
  • Fixed a bug in Blueprint Paste Mode, where the detection of conveyor belt collision with minerals was abnormal.
  • Fixed a bug in New Blueprint Mode, where copying a facility near 180 degrees longitude and less than half a grid may resulted in coordinate anomalies.

Early Access Patch Version: - January 26th, 2022

Hi Engineers,

It's 5 days until the Chinese New Year holidays. Happy Chinese Tiger's Year to everyone!



  • Fixed the bug where the camera operations in the Dyson Sphere Editor and the Mecha Customization Editor were not compatible with key mappings.
  • Fixed the bug where the proliferate points of trash cubes were calculated incorrectly.
  • Fixed the bug where the item icons in the panel of some construction facilities were not calculated by rounding down.

Early Access Patch Version: - January 25th, 2022

Hi Engineers

We just fixed a few bugs.


  • Modified the algorithm for splitting proliferate points when splitting, consuming, and shipping stacked items. The algorithm has been changed from rounding up to rounding down (the rounding down method will prioritize consuming/splitting the parts that don't have Proliferators to bring a better experience).
  • Optimized the manufacturing logic of Assemblers and Smelters under proliferated conditions.
  • Modified the way the enhanced fuel works when put into the power station: If it is normal fuel, the same value of energy and power will be increased; if it is an Antimatter fuel rod, then only the power will be increased and the total energy will remain the same.
  • Optimized the construction of the Spray Coater and adjusted the building collision range of the it.


  • Fixed the bug where the panel of the Ray Receiver might reported an error after putting in the enhanced gravitational lens.
  • Fixed the bug where the enhanced Antimatter fuel rods might increase the actual output energy (extra produced Antimatter fuel rods can only increase the power)


Early Access Patch Version: - January 21st, 2022

Hi Engineers,

We just fixed A-Little-Bugs, hope you have a nice weekend with Icarus!


  • Fixed a bug that it may report an error placing pro-building ghost when applied Blueprints from pervious version.
  • Fixed a bug that the upper limit of the Traffic Monitor was when it was actually 7200.
  • Fixed a bug that the Dyson Shell refreshing may delay after a style changing.
  • Fixed a bug when multiple sorters fed mixed cargos into a multi-storey storage, some sorters would stop working when the first storage was full.
  • Fixed a bug in Tech Tree when the predecessor of a technology was the max level of a stacked tech.
  • Now you will see an error message if the mining machine is covering more than one veins.
  • Fixed bugs that some production data was misjudged as abnormal.

Early Access Patch Version: - January 20th, 2022

Major Update "The Icarus' Evolution" is Now Available

Dear Dyson sphere engineers,
The first major update in 2022 "The Icarus' Evolution" is already available. The Mecha Customization, Advanced Mining Machine, and Dyson sphere Blueprint... New content is ready for your exploration.

Thank you for your love and support towards us in the previous 1 year. You guys are always the unique light of the Dyson sphere universe to us, engineers!



Added mecha customization system, now you can customize your own mecha in the editor.

Mecha Customization Screenshot.png

  • Remade Dyson Sphere editor.
  • Remade inner logistics of Dyson shell and its performance is greatly optimized (Dyson shells in your old savedata can also gain a 10% increase in power generation if you load it after this update) .
  • Added Dyson Sphere blueprint system.
  • Added Dyson Sphere layer hiding function.
  • Added new styles of Dyson sphere frame and Dyson shell.
  • Added Spray Coater. It can be built on the conveyor belt and it can spary the Proliferator onto the cargos.
  • Added Proliferator. Cargos can receive Proliferator points when they are sprayed. The Proliferator points brings several kinds of buff to the production.
  • Added Automatic Piler. IIt will automatically stack 2 consecutive incoming cargos from the low port and output 1 stacked cargo at the high port, and greatly increase the capacity of conveyor belt.
  • Added logistic station integrated logistics technology. Now you can select the cargo stack count in the station panels.
  • Added Geothermal Power Station. Now you can generate power from the magma.

Advanced Mining Machine Screenshot.jpg

  • The capacity of Logistic Drones and Vessels are increased, and the upper limit of logistics station storage is also increased.
  • Added Advanced Mining Machine. Now you can set the speed of mining and it can be placed more freely.
  • Added 3 preset Mecha appearances in Mecha Customization system.
  • Added 30 materials in Mecha Customization system.

Mecha Customization Screenshot 2.png

  • Added model and textures of Spray Coater.
  • Added model and textures of Automatic Piler.
  • Added model and textures of Geothermal Power Station.
  • Added model and textures of Advanced Mining Machine.

Geothermal Power Station Screenshot.jpg

  • Added frame and animation of Mecha wings. It need to be created and applied in Mecha editor.
  • Added LOD1 and LOD2 to Storage Tank and optimized its GPU efficiency.
  • Added parameter of "Longitude of (AN)" in planet information panel.
  • Added 6 new Background Music. They are applied in main UI, Dyson sphere planetary system, black hole planetary system, initial planet, Water Planet and planetary industrial complex.


  • Increased the maximum number of the total amount of production and consumption(2147483648 -> 9223372036854775808).
  • Increased the maximum number of stacked for several items.
  • Increased the maximum number of logistics drones in the Interstellar Logistics Station from 50 to 100.
  • A brand new server for Milky Way System (with some error data clarified)


  • Fixed a bug that items may appear out of nothing when manually placing items in the assembler interface.
  • Fixed a bug that ESC button not working when the loading of Milky Way failed.
  • Some English translations were corrected.
  • Fixed the some shader conflict between blackhole and Dyson shells.

Thank you for your continuing support! You can send your feedback in Discord and Google Form! See you next time!


If you're looking for patch notes from an older patch, we have them in our Patch Notes Archive!