Space Warper

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Space Warper
Consumables. Used to activate warp of mecha and logistics vessels.
Use the CapsLock key to start the warp engine.
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Made InAssembler
Stack Size100

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10 s
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10 s
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Once Drive Engine Level 4 upgrade has been researched, Icarus can use Space Warpers to travel in Warp Mode. In this mode the speed increase a lot, allowing for travel between star systems. In order to use it, the Space warper must be equipped in the mecha screen, next to the mecha fuel. The Space Warpers equipped can be stacked up to 20, and one will be consumed each time Icarus enters in Warp Mode. To enter in warp mode, the mecha must be out of the influence of any planet. Then the player can press the warp mode key (Caps Lock by default) and the mecha will consume one Space Warper and greatly accelerate until reaching the maximum speed (12.5AU/s). While accelerating, the energy consumption of the mecha will increase a lot. When the mecha gets near a star system the maximum speed decreases. The warp mode will continue until the player press the warp mode key again, the mecha runs out of energy, or the mecha “collides” with a planet. When exiting warp mode the mecha will return to 100m/s speed.

The Space Warpers can be used in Logistics Vessels as well. They have to be supplied to their Interstellar Logistics Station, and when the travel meets the settings configured in the logistic station, the vessel will use two space warper for the trip (one each way). The travel time of vessels greatly decreases when using space warpers. The configuration of the space warper use in the logistics station include which is the minimum travel distance in order to use warpers, and whether is possible to do such travels without space warpers or the vessels must use them in order to do the trip.

Production Chain

Recipe Building Replicator? Technology
10 s
10 s

Total Raw Materials

Raw Materials required to produce n=1 Space Warper accounting for it's full production chain:

  • Recipe #1 (Graviton Lens)
    • 42 Iron Ore
    • 8 Copper Ore
    • 20 Coal
    • 2 Sulfuric Acid
    • 10 Deuterium
  • Recipe #2 (Green Cube, requires unlock) [Requires 8X resources below, yield 8 x Space Warpers)
    • 6.25 Iron Ore
    • 2 Copper Ore
    • 2 Silicon Ore
    • 3.5 Titanium Ore
    • 2.25 Stone
    • 3 Coal
    • 1.25 Crude oil
    • 0.5 Sulfuric Acid
    • 1.25 Water
    • 3 Hydrogen

Player Tips & Tricks

  • There are two recipes for Space Warpers, use the Green Cube one at soon as possible as the quantites produce enable you to supply warpers to your logistical fleets.
  • One Warper is consumed each time warp is initiated by your Mech. Logistical vessels will consume 2 per round trip, regardless of distance.
  • Initially, at Mecha Core 4 (1.58GJ), a fully charged Mech can travel around 6 LY on one warp before running out of energy.