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Hi there! Come to see a little about me, I suppose?

About Me

I have several years experience maintaining MediaWiki-based Wikis, and a passion for sharing information and teaching others. After my first day of playing Dyson Sphere Program while it was in closed-beta access, I knew that this was going to be a fantastic game that deserved a great Wiki to back it - and this Wiki was born within the week.

When I'm not orchestrating the massive interplanetary industrial machine needed to build a sun-encompassing sphere, I will be behind the scenes here, making sure that the DSP Wiki is running smoothly, reviewing edits made by others, and helping new players in the Dyson Sphere Program Discord server. And maybe sleeping on occasion.

I look forward to seeing all of your creations in the game!


If you have a need to contact me, you can leave a message on my Discussion page, or find me in Discord, username Rayanth#3954. I am in DSP's Discord as "Rayanth". As a last resort, you can email me, rayanth at gmail dot com, but I do not check my email nearly as often as I should.