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Use this page to file requests for enhancing the DSP Wiki. Please remember to sign your name so that we can reach out to you for more info, if necessary. ( to add a signature, include four tilde's at the end, like : ~~~~ )

Valid requests include specific Templates, new Extensions, etc.

Note: There is currently an issue with Visual Editor in MW 1.35, so it is disabled until that issue can be resolved.

  • Request: Add a line for the production location in the Recipe Template.
  • Request: It seems that we are going right to left in the Recipe Template and left to right in the "Production Chain" section. To make it easier to add recipes to the Production chain section, could we add a template that goes left to right?
  • Addendum: There doesn't seem to be a consistent syntax for the "Production Chain" section. Some go left to right, some included number of production machines needed, etc. It would be good to set a preferred syntax, preferably with a template. As a native English speaker, a left-to-right syntax is more natural. (for all others from europe as well as the rest far more west, we could use both directions if multilanguage will be available at the wiki -February 2021)
    • the Production Chain Section will be getting a template soon. Players have been filling that out unguided, and running into issues with it, the template will help. Other sections (going right to left) were built based on the premise of replicating the game as precisely as possible, but may change to become Left to Right instead, for readability. Rayanth (talk) 00:18, 7 February 2021 (UTC)
  • Request: template for a use of text-align:center in wiki tables -Sneak0r (talk) 01:29, 7 Feb 2021 (CET)