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Metadata is a special resource that the player earns across all of their save files. Once the player has enough Metadata, they can use it to instantly research a given Technology, or redeem it for Science Matrices. There are 6 types of Metadata, and the amount of Metadata a given save file has contributed to the player's overall total can be seen on the save file screen.


Anytime Science Matrices are produced, the player earns Metadata of the corresponding type(s). The Metadata production is equal to the average number of Matrices produced per minute (calculated over the most recent hour of gameplay). For instance, averaging 2000 Electromagnetic Matrices per minute will produce 2000 Metadata-EM; and no more Metadata-EM will be generated until the rate of production is increased, however raising the average to 3000 / min will raise the total Metadata-EM generated to 3000 (note if the original 2000 was already spent in another save then raising to 3000 will give you just the new 1000 Metadata-EM)

Altering the difficulty of a new game will also affect the amount of Metadata earned by that save file. If the resource multiplier is lower than 1x, the Metadata awarded will increase; if the multiplier is greater than 1x, the Metadata awarded decreases. The effect that difficulty has on the awarded Metadata is not directly proportional; for instance, a 0.5x multiplier awards 200% as much Metadata as a 1x multiplier, but a 2x multiplier awards 80% as much Metadata as a 1x multiplier.

Metadata Contribution
Resource Level Conribution
Minimal 400%
0.5x 200%
0.8x 150%
1x 100%
1.5x 90%
2x 80%
3x 70%
5x 60%
8x 50%
Infinite 40%
Sandbox 0%


Metadata can be redeemed to "buy out" technologies, instantly researching them without needing any Matrices. The amount and types of Metadata required are equal to the amount and types of Matrices that would be required normally; for instance, a technology that requires 200 Electromagnetic Matrices will cost 200 Metadata-EM, while a technology requiring 400 of both Electromagnetic and Energy Matrices will cost 400 Metadata-EM and 400 Metadata-Energy.

Metadata-Universe can be split into its constituent 5 types: Metadata-EM, Metadata-Energy, Metadata-Structure, Metadata-Information, and Metadata-Gravity.

Additionally, if the player does not have enough Metadata to buy out a technology, they can "realize" the Metadata, redeeming it for an equal amount of Matrices of that type. This can be done in the Metadata tab of the Statistics Panel.


There are some important caveats to keep in mind with Metadata:

  1. Metadata can only be redeemed in a save file with a different seed than the file that earned it. For example, assume a player has 2 save files, A and B. In save file A, the player earned 400 blue Metadata, and in save file B, they earned 500 green Metadata. File B will only be able to redeem 400 blue Metadata (earned in file A), while file A will only be able to redeem 500 green Metadata (earned in file B).
  2. Certain Achievements can only be earned on save files that have not redeemed any Metadata. These achievements are usually related to completing the game on a certain difficulty level or completing difficult tasks in a limited time.
  3. Currently, Metadata is not shared across cloud saves.
  4. Metadata cannot be earned or redeemed when Sandbox Tools are enabled.