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Add Category Sections?

The list is pretty long and could appear daunting, especially to new users. It occurred to me we could divide the Qs into different categories. Off the top of my head, maybe something like this.


About the Game

How advanced is the Early Access version?

How long is the estimated gameplay time?

Are many bugs and glitches to be expected?

Are there enemies in the game?

Does the game have intragalactic and intergalactic logistics?

Are there black holes?

Can you build a Dyson sphere in the game?

Getting Started

Game Mechanics

Play Mode

Does the game have online features?

Will there be mod support?

Customization & Modding

Can I change the look of the mecha?

What's your plan of Localization?

Does the game support Steam Workshop?

Can we customize the mecha?

Online Communities

Saved Game Files

Do my saves synch with the Steam cloud?

Where are the saved game files located?

Uncategorized Questions

Can I claim back land from the sea to extend the layout of my factory?

Can I land on other planets?

Are all planets equal?

Will Icarus burn if I get too close to a star?

Can your mecha betray and leave you?

I heard that there are only five people in the development team.

How frequently will the game be updated?

Where can I find the saves folder and log file?

What should I do if the download and installation process fail?

Does the game have achievements?

Why the FPS is low?

I can’t move the mouse after changing the graphic resolution.

Why does my UI keeping flash up and down?

With a 3840*2160 resolution, my game screen doesn’t look correctly.

Is there combat in the game?

I see a strange ring on the planet's surface.

I switched the game to a different language, but the text didn't change (or only partially)

Can a building of the same style be upgraded directly without dismantling and reinstalling?

Can the sorter be planned in advance (with a blueprint)?

Why can't the sorter fill the maximum material capacity of the building?

I wish the direction of the conveyor belt and the sorter could be adjusted in a more convenient way.

What will happen if I demolish the building which contains materials?

Why is the sorting function of the high-speed sorter smarter than the rapid sorter?

Can I rebind shortcut keys/hotkeys?

How come the game is only a few hundred MB? I was expecting a size of GB!

Why is my sorter not working

What should I do if my game crashes during the loading process or keeps loading forever?

How can I discard items in my inventory?

Is there any place to report bugs or exchange tips for the game?


Up/Down on the Idea?

I did not want to radically change the actual entry before receiving some community input.

Categorization Topics

I only categorized some of the questions to demonstrate the concept. What other categories should we use? Also, since this IS a Wiki, I figure to leverage the power of the crowd to dive in and help with the sorting.

3 vs 4 levels deep

Note: Pay no attention to the extra TOC levels, I added a level for ease of displaying and discussing the proposal.subbob (talk)