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Unknown Item
Unknown Category
A description was not supplied to the template.
Icon Unknown.png
Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)

|Info1Type= |Info1Text=
|Info2Type= |Info2Text=
|Info3Type= |Info3Text=
|Info4Type= |Info4Text=
|Info5Type= |Info5Text=
|Info6Type= |Info6Text=
    |Out1= |Out1Qty=
    |Out2= |Out2Qty=
    |In1= |In1Qty=
    |In2= |In2Qty=
    |In3= |In3Qty=
    |In4= |In4Qty=
    |In5= |In5Qty=
    |In6= |In6Qty=

remove any unused fields. You can include multiple ItemRecipes by chaining them. e.g. {{ItemRecipe|...}}{{ItemRecipe|...}}

NOTE: The ItemName is used to construct the filename for the 90px icon shown. For example, providing "Unknown" as in the example below, the template looks for and loads "Icon_Unknown.png". If the image does not exist, it will show as a broken image. Be sure to spell things the same. For multiple-word item names, use a space between the words as per normal.

|Categories=Test, Testing
|Description=Just a Test item.
|Info1Type=Info 1 |Info1Text=Info 1 Text
|Info2Type=Info 2 |Info2Text=Info 2 Text
    |Out1=Unknown |Out1Qty=1
    |CraftTime=10 s
    |In1=Unknown |In1Qty=1
    |In2=Unknown |In2Qty=4

Would result in:

Test, Testing
Just a Test item.
Icon Unknown.png
Info 1Info 1 Text
Info 2Info 2 Text

Icon Unknown.png
10 s
Icon Unknown.png
Icon Unknown.png
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