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Early Access Patch Version: - January 5th, 2023

Hello engineers, happy 2023!

Dyson Sphere Program is starting the new year with new graphics and visual effects. Let's check what we have for you today!"



  • New feature in the Conveyor Belt panel: Now you can invert the entire conveyor belt transfer direction with one click.
  • New automatic feature in Conveyor Belt construction: when building a Conveyor Belt, if the construction path crosses an existing Belt, it will automatically turn into an arch bridge shape.


  • Added planet nephogram & cloud effects for 12 types of planets.



Mediterranean Planet


Red Stone Planet


Pandora Planet

  • Added magnetic susceptibility particle flow and bipolar jet effects to neutron stars.


  • Remade the ice surface of the Scarlet Ice Lake, textures and vegetation.


  • Added visual effects to the [Planetary ionosphere utilization] technology (Ray Receivers that use Graviton Lenses).




  • Modified the logic when planning conveyor belts: when planning a T-intersection of Conveyor Belts, the type of Conveyor Belt at the intersection point is no longer modified.


  • Fixed the bug that the Traffic Monitor could not be built on the single-unit Conveyor Belt.
  • Fixed a bug that generated an incorrect alert message when a Spray Coater could not be built on a single-unit Conveyor Belt.
  • Fixed the bug that when the garbage block disappeared inside the star, the warning and orientation messages of the garbage block still existed.
  • Fixed the bug that Icarus could easily get stuck into buildings.
  • Fixed the bug that the blast wave would not dissipate after power off when launching rockets from the Vertical Launching Silo.
  • Fixed the bug that the Filter panel that pops up when connecting a Logistics Station with a Conveyor Belt does not close in Blueprint mode.
  • Fixed the bug that when upgrading infinite level technology, the technology level shown in the pop-up prompt of the technology button in the lower right corner did not match the actual technology level.