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This subcategory contains all items marked as Natural Resource in Dyson Sphere Program. It also includes other resources that can be directly harvested. They can be mined from veins, gathered from plant life or pumped from oceans.

See Items for a full list of all items in Dyson Sphere Program.

Icon Coal.png Icon Copper Ore.png Icon Crude Oil.png Icon Deuterium.png Icon Fire Ice.png Icon Fractal Silicon.png
Coal Copper Ore Crude Oil Deuterium Fire Ice Fractal Silicon
Icon Hydrogen.png Icon Iron Ore.png Icon Kimberlite Ore.png Icon Log.png Icon Optical Grating Crystal.png Icon Organic Crystal.png
Hydrogen Iron Ore Kimberlite Ore Log Optical Grating Crystal Organic Crystal
Icon Plant Fuel.png Icon Silicon Ore.png Icon Spiniform Stalagmite Crystal.png Icon Stone.png Icon Sulfuric Acid.png Icon Titanium Ore.png
Plant Fuel Silicon Ore Spiniform Stalagmite Crystal Stone Sulfuric Acid Titanium Ore
Icon Unipolar Magnet.png Icon Water.png
Unipolar Magnet Water