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Natural Resource, Fuel
Ordinary fuel. Obtained from trees, has low energy.
Icon Log.png
Fuel TypeChemical
Energy1.50 MJ
Fuel Chamber Gen.-10%
Gathered fromTree
Stack Size100


Logs are obtained by cutting down trees on planets that have them. There is no current method by which such forestry can be automated and the Icarus mech must be directed to cut down trees one by one.

Note that when placing buildings where a tree exists, the tree will be removed but the Logs will NOT be given.

Cutting down trees may also sometimes provide Plant Fuel or Organic Crystals.

Production Chain

  • There is no recipe for which to create Logs, thus no production chain to lead to them.
  • Logs have only three known uses: for the first level of the Energy Circuit upgrade, as a Fuel Source, and in one of the alternate recipes to make Organic Crystal.

Used In

Recipe Building Replicator? Technology
Icon Organic Crystal.png
6 s
Icon Log.png
Icon Plant Fuel.png
Icon Water.png
Icon Chemical Plant.png
Tech Polymer Chemical Engineering.png

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