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Distance in DSP is given in Meters, AU (Astronomical Unit), and ly (Light Year).

However, in the game, these value differ from their real-world equivalents.

For DSP;

  • 1 AU = 40 km
  • 1 ly = 60 AU (= 2400 km)

From the Feb 26, 2021 Dev Log;

The basic unit of length on the game's planets had to be meters instead of kilometers. After several iterations, we finally set Icarus's height as 3m, vegetation height as 1m ~ 6m, and building height as 2m ~ 30m.

Planet diameter: 1D = 400m

Giant planet diameter: 4D = 1600m

Star radius: 1R ⊙ = 1600m

Radius of red giant: about 25 R ⊙ about 40000 m (HUGE!)

Astronomical unit: 1AU = 40000 m

Radius of planetary system: 1AU ~ 10au (according to the last development log)

The radius of Dyson sphere is 0.2au ~ 1AU

Icon information square.png Note: the above values for Dyson sphere radius range are incorrect or misleading. The radius allowed is partially dependent upon the radius of the star. The absolute minimum radius observed is 4,000m. On a 20.03R Radius Red Giant, the range was 21,700m-72,100m for the Dyson Sphere.

Light year: 1 LY = 60au