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Screenshot of the in-game Developer Console, as it appeared in version

The developer console allows you to manipulate aspects of the game WITHOUT the need for 3rd party trainers/cheat apps. This is a hidden menu created by a game developer to allow them to test aspects of the game without having to do a full playthrough. This page will detail the available commands and their use.

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Opening and closing the console

To open the Developer Console in-game, you have to enter 7 8 9 6 3 2 1 4 on the numeric keypad (ensure Num Lock is enabled), followed by o (letter O).

To enter a command the “hyphen” must always precede each command you want to run.

To close the console use the "X" in the upper right corner.

Available commands

Command Example Purpose
-help -help Will give a list of the currently available commmands (The chinese text under "help" translated: "The valid commands are:")

Get more soil

In order to be able to fill deep terrain such as bodies of water, you need a Soil Pile.

Command Example Purpose
-getsand number -getsand 100000 Will give the player x number of soil (Example: gives 100000 soil)

Get items/buildings

For a full list of item ID's please refer to Item IDs.

Command Example Purpose
-giveitem id, number -giveitem 1001, 10 Will give the player x number of item/building "id" in their mech inventory (Example: gives 10 Iron Ore in your inventory)

Unlock technologies

You can unlock the upgrade/technology tree with the command: To get all the bonuses you have to unlock each level of the upgrades individually. I.E.: Unlocking level 5 wont give you level 5 bonuses - you must also unlock levels 1-4 NOTE: Any pre-requisite techs should be unlocked first For a full list of Tech ID's please refer to Tech IDs and Upgrade IDs.

Command Example Purpose
-unlocktech id -unlocktech 1103 Will unlock technology/upgrade "id" (Example: Unlocks the X-Ray Cracking technology)

Unlock recipes

You can unlock a specific recipe with the command: NOTE: Any pre-requisite techs should be unlocked first For a full list of recipe ID's please refer to Recipe IDs.

Command Example Purpose
-unlockrecipe id -unlockrecipe 79 Will unlock recipe "id" (Example: Unlocks the recipe "Space warper (advanced)")

ID lists

Command Purpose
-itemIds Will display a list of all current item ID's
-recipeIds Will display a list of all current recipie ID's


Command Example Purpose
-upsfix number -upsfix 120 Will set default UPS (60) to x number, x = 0 ~ 240 (Example: Set UPS to 120)

Set FPS/UPS ratio

Command Example Purpose
-fpsfix number -fpsfix 0.5 Will set default UPS/FPS ratio (0.5) to x number, x = 0.05 ~ 5.0 (Example: Set FPS/UPS ratio to 0.5)

Other commands

Command Purpose
-exp Currently unknown