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Early Access Patch Version: - January 21st, 2022

Hi Engineers,

We just fixed A-Little-Bugs, hope you have a nice weekend with Icarus!


  • Fixed a bug that it may report an error placing pro-building ghost when applied Blueprints from pervious version.
  • Fixed a bug that the upper limit of the Traffic Monitor was when it was actually 7200.
  • Fixed a bug that the Dyson Shell refreshing may delay after a style changing.
  • Fixed a bug when multiple sorters fed mixed cargos into a multi-storey storage, some sorters would stop working when the first storage was full.
  • Fixed a bug in Tech Tree when the predecessor of a technology was the max level of a stacked tech.
  • Now you will see an error message if the mining machine is covering more than one veins.
  • Fixed bugs that some production data was misjudged as abnormal.