Electromagnetic Matrix (Tech)

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Electromagnetic Matrix
Tech Electromagnetic Matrix.png
Electromagnetic Matrix
Matrix Lab
Research Consumption
Icon Magnetic Coil.png
Icon Circuit Board.png
Data Volume
1800 Hashes

The Electromagnetic Matrix is the foundation of all

technologies and one of the basic source codes that
keep the CentreBrain simulating. Use a Matrix Lab to
create these matrices and use a separate lab for

automating the research of new technologies.


Electromagnetic Matrix is the first technology that unlocks Matrix Cubes for production. At first you only require Electromagnetic Matrices to complete research, but as you progress through the game you will have many other matrices to assemble and transport to your research labs.

Icon Technology Requirements Research Cost Unlocks Notes
Tech Electromagnetic Matrix.png Electromagnetic Matrix Electromagnetism (Tech)
Icon Circuit Board.png
Icon Magnetic Coil.png
Solar Collection (Tech)
Icon Electromagnetic Matrix.png
Icon Matrix Lab.png
See Research on how to use Matrix Cubes/Labs


Electromagnetism (Tech)