Research Speed (Upgrade)

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Research Speed
Tech Research Speed.pngUnlocks:
Research Consumption
Data Volume



Level Icon Cost Hashes Unlocks Net Gain Total
Tech Research Speed 1.png
Icon Information Matrix.png
600k +60 Hash/s per lab researching speed +60 Hash/s 120 Hash/s
Tech Research Speed 2.png
Icon Information Matrix.png
1.2M +60 Hash/s per lab researching speed +120 Hash/s 180 Hash/s
Tech Research Speed 3.png
Icon Information Matrix.png
2.4M +60 Hash/s per lab researching speed +180 Hash/s 240 Hash/s
Tech Research Speed 4.png
Icon Universe Matrix.png
× (LVL-3)
Icon Universe Matrix.png
+60 Hash/s per lab researching speed +180+60*(LVL-3) Hash/s 240+60*(LVL-3) Hash/s

Prerequisite Technologies

Information Matrix technology is required to unlock the level 1 of this upgrade.

Player Tips & Tricks

  • Every level grants a 60 Hash/s bonus per Lab. This means that while the first level effectively doubles research speed (100% increase), each subsequent increase in level grants diminishing returns on as compared to the previous level.
    • For example, the second provides a 50% increase as compared to the combined output received with the first level (180 Hash/s vs. 120 Hash/s), and the third adds 33.33% increase as compared to the second level (240 Hash/s vs. 180 Hash/s).
  • Due to the effectiveness of the first level(s) it is recommended that this be researched as soon as a steady source of Information Matrices is developed, as it will compound benefits to other research projects