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Below are descriptions for all attributes of ItemProto

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Attribute Type Description
Ability int
BuildIndex int Where in the build bar it shows up. Format XYY, X = page, YY = function key number. Eg Splitter's is 307.
BuildInGas bool Whether or not the building is built on gas giants
BuildMode int
CanBuild bool If it is a building
DescFields int[]
Description string The description on the tooltip
fluids int[]
fuelNeeds int[][]
FuelType int
Grade int Position of this building in the upgrade order (see Upgrades)
GridIndex int The item's location in the logistics station menu. Format XYZZ, where X is the page, Y is the row, and ZZ is the column
handcraft RecipeProto
hancraftProductCount int
handcrafts List<RecipeProto>
HeatValue long
HpMax int The hp the building has (doesn't currently change gameplay)
IconPath string where the icon is located
IsEntity bool
IsFluid bool does a tank hold it
isRaw bool
itemIds int[]
maincraft RecipeProto
maincraftProductCount int
makes List<RecipeProto> what the item makes
MiningFrom string
missingTech bool
ModelCount int
ModelIndex int
Potential long
prefabDesc PrefabDesc the PrefabDesc of the item
preTech TechProto which tech is required to unlock it
PreTechOverride int
ProduceFrom string
rawMats List<IDCNT>
ReactorInc float
recipes List<RecipeProto>
StackSize int
stationCollectorId int
Type EItemType
UnlockKey int
Upgrades int[] Array of the upgrade order of a building, e.g Assembler MK. 1, 2, 3
_iconSprite Sprite the Sprite of the icon