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This subcategory contains all items marked as Fuel in Dyson Sphere Program. For an explanation of fuel stats and how to use them, see Fuels.

See Items for a full list of all items in Dyson Sphere Program.

Icon Antimatter Fuel Rod.png Icon Carbon Nanotube.png Icon Coal.png Icon Crude Oil.png Icon Deuterium.png Icon Deuteron Fuel Rod.png
Antimatter Fuel Rod Carbon Nanotube Coal Crude Oil Deuterium Deuteron Fuel Rod
Icon Diamond.png Icon Energetic Graphite.png Icon Fire Ice.png Icon Full Accumulator.png Icon Graphene.png Icon Hydrogen.png
Diamond Energetic Graphite Fire Ice Full Accumulator Graphene Hydrogen
Icon Hydrogen Fuel Rod.png Icon Log.png Icon Organic Crystal.png Icon Plant Fuel.png Icon Refined Oil.png
Hydrogen Fuel Rod Log Organic Crystal Plant Fuel Refined Oil