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Early Access Patch Version: - January 24th, 2021

Hey Engineers!

It's already 3 days since Dyson Sphere Program launch its Early Access, and a brand new week is coming! Thank you for all of your support!
and - don't forget to strike a proper balance between Dyson sphere engineering and rest yourself!

New features

  • Icarus is glowing for you! Now it can shine your way at night.



  • The recipe of manufacturing a logistics station is modified - you can save some cost from it!
  • The recipe of manufacturing a EM-Rail Ejector is modified - you can save some cost from it!


  • Fixed a bug that the game window may not display correctly under some resolutions on certain types of monitors.
  • Fixed a bug that the hotkey may still active while renaming/inserting English text for buildings.
  • You may meet an error when you were planning a long-long conveyor under construction mode. Now the error won't come out again.
  • The logistics vessel can't be placed on orbit collectors now.
  • Now the item count will be shown correctly when you add items to the energy exchanger manually.

We are always here reading your feedback in ( Discord and Google Form)! See you next time!

*Disclaimer: Trainer/hack/modifier is not recommend. The game problems caused by trainer/hack/modifier is not included in the normal scope. Dyson Sphere Program official is not responsible for fixing the problems caused by trainer/hack/modifier.