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Icarus standing on the surface of a Mediterranean planet.

Icarus, or simply Mecha, is the silent protagonist of Dyson Sphere Program. Icarus has the Mecha Core which supplies it with power required to perform various activities. The Core has Fuel Chamber that burns Fuels, converting them into power, and is also able to generate power passively, but at a small rate.


Manual research
Construction drones
Warp Drive

Power consumption

Ability Power consumtion rate Notes
Moving (Walking and Hovering) 100 kW per m/s Total power consumption ranges between 600 kW .. 1.6 MW depending on the level of Mechanical Frame upgrade.

Hovering also activates Thruster required for staying in the air.

Replicator 240 kW Consumption is the same regardless of replication speed.
Manual research 360 kW
Gathering 640 kW Consumption is the same both for veins and vegetation/rocks. Gathering from Gas Giants does not consume power.
Drones 60kW per m/s Drones are powered remotely and spend energy during the flight.

Consumption is 360 kW / drone baseline and 1.08 MW / drone for Drone Engine level 5.

Thruster Hovering ~1.2 MW When moving by Hovering, also consumes energy according to the current Moving speed
Accelerating when Sailing in Space up to 91.3 MW
Warp Drive Activating
Traveling 3.2 MW per AU/s = 80 W per m/s = 192MW per ly/s (far less energy per metre per second than Walking).

38.4 MW for the basic warp speed, increased by 9.6 MW per each additional level of the Drive Engine upgrade.