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Early Access Patch Version: - May 28th, 2021

A message from the developers

Dear engineers,

We have reached the start of Civilization Type III. In the future, the Dyson Sphere Program universe will become even broader because of our joint efforts.

Before we go to the update log, CentreBrain wants to send you some special tips that will affect your game progress:

  • Crude oil becomes a consuming resource. The less crude oil remaining in the blowout well, the more difficult it will be to collect. The extraction efficiency can be down to 0.1/s. To keep your extraction efficiency, you can change the resource magnification setting and upgrade the mineral utilization level.
  • The Cluster Seeds are different from the old version.
  • You need to reopen the file to experience some of the newly added content
  • Blueprint is NOT included in this update yet but on the way!


  • Added an entrance for Milky Way view. There are two ways to enter it: Click and enter the 'Milky Way' button in the main menu, or scroll to the farthest view in the starmap.
  • Now you are able to browse the star cluster you selected in the Milky Way view.


  • Added the statistics of the Milky Way view, including the total number of Dyson spheres, the total power generation of Dyson spheres, and the total number of solar sails launched.
  • Added functions to the Milky Way view, included cluster data browsing, ranking of each star area in the Milky Way view.
  • New Assembly Line construction mode – Now you can press [TAB] to switch between 'Snap to Grid' or 'Free line' mode. In 'Free line' mode, you don't have to build the conveyor belt stick to the grid, but like this:


  • New Mass Construction function! Left-click and drag your mouse can build the construction in a row. The interval among the constructions can be adjusted before the drone works on them.
  • Now you can quickly replicate the construction along with its SORTERs! Use [Shift+left click] to copy the built building, and the position of the Sorters will be intelligently adapted to the available position.


  • Now you can cover and quick upgrade in the construction mode.
  • CPU multi-threading system and related settings are available now. The logic of Sorters, Logistic Stations, Manufacturing Building, Matrix Lab, and Electricity System are incorporated in the multi-threading system.
  • Added new advanced Smelters and its related new tech and recipes.
  • Added new technology that can increase the speed of warp. The more you upgrade the tech, the faster the warp!
  • Added the logic to manually control the warp speed of the mecha
  • Added 4 new background music themes of space, factory, and ocean


  • New desert planet: Dry Lack Planet
  • New desert planet: Scarlet Ice Lake Planet
  • New desert planet: Hurricane Stone Forest Planet
  • New ocean planet: Blossom Forest Planet
  • Added a new terrain generation algorithm for the Scarlet Ice Lake Planet
  • Added ice shader for Scarlet Ice Lake Planet
  • Added 9 planting model for Blossom Forest Planet
  • Decorate the planet with your foundation! Now you can choose a color or customize a color on the palette for the foundation.


  • Add a new foundation texture
  • Added LOD1 and LOD2 rendering detail level to the sorter optimized the Sorter's GPU consumption.
  • Added LOD1 rendering detail level to Storage, optimized the Storage's GPU consumption.
  • Now you can browse the local file of savedata in the Save/Load interface.


  • Dyson Sphere Program's underlying code framework is fully updated. It is now more efficient on CPU calculating.
  • Dyson Sphere Program's construction system logistic framework is fully recoded.
  • Optimized the logic of copy and paste building settings (recipes, filters, mode settings, etc.) to prepare for the BluePrint.
  • Adjusted and narrow the construction collision frame of the Ray Receiver.


  • Increased the working power of Assembling machine Mk.II and MK.III
  • Increased the standby power of the Satellite Substation
  • Increased the working power of the EM-Rail Ejector
  • Increased basic life of solar sail (0.5h -> 1.5h) and maximum life after upgrade (1h -> 2.5h)
  • Increased the basic power generation of the Ray Receiver (5MW -> 6MW)
  • Increased the power generation multiple of the photon mode of the Ray Receiver (5 -> 8). The new maximum power of the Ray Receiver is 240MW
  • Increased the warm-up time of the Ray receiver (15min -> 20min)
  • Increased the critical photon energy (750MJ -> 1.2GJ)
  • Decreased Antimatter fuel rod's energy (7.5GJ -> 7.2GJ) and consume antimatter quantity (10 -> 6)
  • Decreased Artificial Star power generation 75MW -> 72MW
  • Fine-tuning the calorific value of various fuels
  • Crude oil is now a consuming resource. Collecting crude oil will gradually reduce the production of blowout wells down to a minimum of 0.1/s. The rate of decline is now related to the resource magnification setting and mineral utilization level.
  • Increased the production of crude oil blowout wells in the beginning planet and reduced the production of crude oil blowout wells in distant planets

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the bug that the Warper were not be returned when the Logistics Station was dismantled
  • Fixed the bug that the Graviton lens was not be returned when the Ray Receiver was dismantled
  • Modified the miplevel algorithm of the foundation and fixed some potential seam problems in the foundation rendering.