Matter Recombinator

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Matter Recombinator
Dark Fog
Obtained from Dark Fog Debris. Research reveals that this substance has powerful decomposing and re-composing capabilities. It can instantly decompose matter into particles, and then re-compose these particles as designed to generate a different type of matter.
Icon Matter Recombinator.png
Collected FromDark Fog Debris
Stack Size100


This material is obtainable by killing Dark Fog units that are level 15 or above and having it in your inventory unlocks the hidden research Matter Recombination (Tech), allowing you to unlock a 4th tier of assembler. Additionally it is a component used to produce that top tier assembler.

For more information, please check the Dark Fog Debris loot table.

Used In

Recipe Building Replicator? Technology
Icon Re-composing Assembler.png
5 s
Icon Assembling Machine Mk.III.png
Icon Matter Recombinator.png
Icon Energy Shard.png
Icon Quantum Chip.png
Icon Assembling Machine Mk.I.pngIcon Assembling Machine Mk.II.pngIcon Assembling Machine Mk.III.pngIcon Re-composing Assembler.png
Tech Matter Recombination.png
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