Negentropy Singularity

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Negentropy Singularity
Dark Fog
Initial experiments hadn't identified any special properties of the substance. Yet when we keep inputting energy, it spontaneously shows weak negentropy.
Icon Negentropy Singularity.png
Collected FromDark Fog Debris
Stack Size50


This material is obtainable by killing Dark Fog units that are level 21 or above and having it in your inventory unlocks the hidden research Negentropy Recursion, allowing you to unlock Negentropy Smelter, while also being used to craft the same recipe.

For more information, please check the Dark Fog Debris loot table.

Used In

Recipe Building Replicator? Technology
Icon Negentropy Smelter.png
6 s
Icon Plane Smelter.png
Icon Negentropy Singularity.png
Icon Energy Shard.png
Icon Quantum Chip.png
Icon Assembling Machine Mk.I.pngIcon Assembling Machine Mk.II.pngIcon Assembling Machine Mk.III.pngIcon Re-composing Assembler.png
Tech Negentropy Recursion.png
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